CrewLink / Proximity Chat / Voice Mod

What does CrewLink do?

CrewLink enabled Among Us players to voice chat to one another in-game. The difference being that you can only hear other players that are nearby. This creates a much more realistic and immersive experience when playing, knowing that someone you’re talking to might be the Imposter!

How to install the CrewLink Mod

Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Ensure that Among Us is not currently running

    Be sure to quit the game entirely

  2. Download the latest version of the CrewLink app.

    Once there, download the .exe from the Assets.
    You may get antivirus warnings, because this program hooks into the Among Us process to read game data.

  3. Open the dowloaded .exe file from your Downloads directory

    If you receive a warning, click Run Anyway

  4. Allow installation to finish. If CrewLink doesn’t open automatically after installation, you can find it in your Start Menu

  5. Open Among Us from within CrewLink and start playing!

    You will then be able to talk with any other players in the lobby or nearby during the game, if they also have CrewLink installed.

If you prefer to watch a video

How do I report issues with CrewLink?

You can report issues to the developer of the mod directly on GitHub